Ensure School Clinic Is Not a Competitor

Weirton City Council members are concerned about a proposal by the Hancock County Board of Education to establish a health clinic at the planned new Weirton Elementary School. Their worry is the clinic will compete with existing health care facilities, depriving them of needed revenue.

Ensuring students receive health care they may not get otherwise is a laudable goal. As we have pointed out, children with health concerns such as poor vision and hearing also suffer in the classroom.

But concerned council members are right that it would not be proper for taxpayers’ dollars to be used to compete against existing health care facilities. Such competition could result in better care for students at the school – but less quality health care for other people in the community.

Council should work with the board of education to ensure the school clinic plan adds to, rather than detracting from, the pool of health care services available in the Weirton area.