Imperial Presidency Ready for New Edict

President Barack Obama seems determined to reign over one of the most imperial White Houses in history. He is poised to demonstrate that once again, to judge by reports he plans to issue an executive order to protect critical U.S. computer systems such as those regulating financial systems and power grids.

No one argues some new safeguards are not needed. But Congress has debated a package of rules – and rejected them. Now Obama is preparing to issue an executive order containing some of the very proposals that concerned many lawmakers.

Some businesses have complained the rules would make it difficult and/or more expensive for them to operate. Enough lawmakers agree with them that legislation on the matter stalled.

Yet Obama plans to go ahead, once again bypassing Congress as he has done on major issues including air pollution rules that will increase electricity costs for tens of millions of Americans.

It has become clear during the past three and one-half years that once Obama sets his mind on doing something, he will not tolerate roadblocks – even those set up by Congress, the elected representatives of the American people.