News-Register Values Strong

It has been suggested that in a time of accelerating technological change and increasingly close contact with those of other cultures, the idea of a set of core ideals – a firm foundation of values – is old-fashioned, outmoded and perhaps just a bad idea.

It is not. As we at the News-Register celebrate our 122nd birthday this weekend, our dedication to the principles upon which our publication was founded is as unshakable as ever. Basic values have served our readers, our valley, our states and our nation well for more than a century, and there is no reason to believe they are not the best plan for the future.

On Sept. 22, 1890, the first edition of the Wheeling News, forerunner of the News-Register, was published here in Wheeling.

Our founder, H.C. Ogden, believed the newspaper should be a strong force for the public good. Dedication to the best possible news coverage of our area and to the wider world was one pillar of the platform on which Ogden built the newspaper.

Today, the News-Register continues to provide the most complete, accurate and in-depth package possible of news that is of interest and concern to residents of our area. No one, no matter what technology is employed, does that better.

Ogden also knew journalistic leadership is critical to serving a community. Then and now, we provide it with editorial pages aimed solely at defending the interests and rights of those in our communities and states – without regard to partisan politics, individual politicians or other special interests.

Serving our communities through the newspaper is a calling for us. We view such service as both a responsibility and a pleasure, in large measure because the communities, states and nation we serve are our homes as well as yours.

We too live here, bring up children and grandchildren here, and want only the best for our families, friends and co-workers.

So this weekend, marking another anniversary in service for the News-Register, is both a time of celebration and one of rededication for us. We hope you will join us in wishing ourselves a “Happy Birthday” as we renew our commitment to you.