Organ Donors Can Give the Gift of Life

It is impossible to know how many lives the late Eric Workman saved through his work as a West Virginia State Police trooper. But we know that after his death, he helped about four dozen, in all likelihood giving some the gift of life.

Trooper Workman and State Police Cpl. Marshall Bailey died after being shot by a man they had arrested. Bailey died at the scene, but Workman survived in a hospital a few days before succumbing to his wound.

Workman was an organ donor. After he died donations from his body helped about 50 people, according to the State Police.

God bless him for serving and protecting even after laying down his life in the line of duty.

Organ donors save lives, as Workman understood. It is easy to indicate you want to be an organ donor; you can specify that when you obtain or renew a driver’s license in West Virginia.

Consider it, please. For more information, contact the Center for Organ Recovery and Education at 800-366-6777 or visit the organization’s website at