Reject Secrecy On Public Affairs

Arrogance among those elected to represent the people’s interests sometimes reaches intolerable levels. Often it involves keeping secrets from the public.

So it is in Columbus, where it is known public school officials falsified student attendance reports to the state. City board of education members have been meeting behind closed doors – probably in violation of Ohio’s open meetings law – to discuss an investigation.

At least some meetings have been with representatives of a law firm the board agreed, after learning the district was under investigation, to pay $100,000.

When a school board learns some of the personnel it oversees have acted illegally, transparency ought to be its top priority. Not in Columbus.

Scores of other districts, possibly including some in our area, are under investigation for the same reason. If it turns out an East Ohio school system is under suspicion, local residents should refuse to tolerate secrecy over the problem.