Area Unemployment Remains Too High

A slight dip in the U.S. unemployment rate during September took it down to 7.8 percent, the lowest in more than three and one-half years.

President Barack Obama’s administration hailed that as great news. Of course, for the Americans who couldn’t find work in August but were collecting paychecks in September, it was just that.

But here in the Ohio Valley, unemployment remains very high. The most recent reports from West Virginia and Ohio governments show joblessness at these rates:

Brooke and Hancock counties – 9.2 percent.

Ohio County – 6.6 percent.

Marshall County – 8.1 percent.

Wetzel County – 10.6 percent.

Tyler County – 8.9 percent.

Jefferson County – 10.6 percent.

Belmont County – 7.3 percent.

Harrison County – 8 percent.

Monroe County – 9.1 percent.

Some of the unemployment in our region is because of the Obama administration, of course. Many laid-off coal miners are well aware that, but for the White House war on coal, they would still be working.

And even with the gain in jobs during September, the nation’s unemployment rate remains two-tenths of one percent higher than it was when Obama took office.

After wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on “stimulus” programs that created few permanent jobs, Obama has nothing about which to brag. And here in the Ohio Valley, thousands of laid-off working men and women have no reason to vote to re-elect the man who has given them little reason for hope.