Consider Helping Needy Veterans

Proceeds from the state lottery that were earmarked to pay off bonds used to finance a public nursing home for needy veterans will fall short of the $774,000 a year required, West Virginia legislators were warned earlier this month. Another source of revenue may have to be found, state Veterans’ Assistance Secretary Keith Gwinn told lawmakers.

Somehow, that will be done. We in the Mountain State don’t make obligations we don’t intend to keep. Bond holders will be paid.

But Gwinn has another concern. The existing nursing home, in Clarksburg, is at capacity with 114 patients. A new one should be built in Beckley, he recommended. That would cost about $44 million.

That is a lot of money, especially now, as state officials worry about balancing the budget. Still, we West Virginians revere our veterans. The proposal for a new nursing home for them should be explored.