Cut the Safety Net Aiding Millionaires

Nearly 2,400 Americans with household incomes of $1 million or more a year received unemployment compensation benefits in 2009, the Congressional Research Office reported this week.

A published report on the situation notes eliminating such benefits “is one idea being considered” by members of Congress.

What’s to “consider”?

President Barack Obama and fellow liberals in Congress want to launch a new assault in their program of class warfare, by increasing taxes on high-income and many middle-income Americans. That would dampen creation of new jobs, of course. And punishing people simply because they are successful is not a good idea on the face of it.

But this is different. Programs such as unemployment compensation were intended to be safety nets for people who cannot reasonably be expected to cushion their own falls in times of trouble.

Millionaires do not fit in that category. Congress should stop handing them benefits they don’t need.