Davis, Loughry Best for the Court

Two seats on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals will be filled in the Nov. 6 election. Of candidates seeking the seats, two stand out as the best: Incumbent Justice Robin Davis and Allen Loughry.

State Supreme Court justices serve 12-year terms, so it is important – especially in challenging times such as these – to choose wisely. It also is critical that ability, even-handed judicial philosophy and experience trump political party affiliation. In this situation, one Democrat (Davis) and one Republican (Loughry) meet that test.

Davis has served on the court since 1996 and has won praise from her peers, who elected her chief justice five times. During her time on the court, Davis has made it clear justice, not political or social ideology, is her guide.

Working with others in West Virginia’s court system, Davis has launched initiatives to battle domestic violence and to reduce truancy and dropouts in our schools. She also has worked with other justices to address complaints from the business community.

Davis’ knowledge of and dedication to the law have made her respected widely.

Loughry has experience in all three branches of government, including nine years working at the state Supreme Court.

He, too, understands the court system must stand as an independent guardian of the rights of West Virginians, following state law and the state constitution rather than a political agenda.

Loughry holds four law degrees and has handled cases all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Determined to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, he is the author of a book about political corruption in West Virginia.

The Intelligencer endorses Robin Davis and Allen Loughry for the state Supreme Court and recommends voters cast ballots for them in the Nov. 6 election.