Don’t Shield Afghans Who Defraud U.S.

Last year the United States paid an Afghan contractor $362,000 to install grates in the tops of culverts, as a safeguard against terrorist bombs planted there to blow up vehicles carrying American troops.

Much of the work was done badly or not at all, a special inspector general warned U.S. military officials this week. That will result in increased risk to U.S. troops, he added.

U.S. officials will not comment on whether U.S. troops have been killed because of the contractor’s failures. That failure implies strongly that, at the very least, Americans have been wounded needlessly because of the contractor.

U.S. officials also will not release the contractor’s name, though they admit he is under investigation for contract fraud.

Incredible. Just incredible. Billions of dollars has been lost to fraud in Afghanistan, yet U.S. officials shield some of the Afghans reponsible. That is unacceptable.