Early Voting System Makes Process Easy

Our participatory system of government sometimes is called a work in progress. If so, a gigantic amount of progress was made a few years ago when the early voting system was established.

It has been an unqualified success here in West Virginia. During the last presidential election in 2008, more than 155,000 Mountain State residents used the system to cast ballots before Election Day.

If you have taken advantage of early voting in the past, you know how easy it is. The process is virtually the same as if you went to your regular polling place on Election Day (Nov. 6 this year).

The only difference is that during the early voting period, which ends Saturday, Nov. 3, only one polling place is open in each county.

Early voting stations will be open at each county courthouse during regular business hours weekdays and from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. this Saturday and Nov. 3.

Using the process is insurance of a sort for conscientious voters. It enables them to cast ballots at their convenience, rather than worry that unforeseen circumstances may prevent them from getting to the polls on Election Day.

Voting always is important. The upcoming election is more critical than most – and your ballot is important. If you are a West Virginia registered voter, we encourage you to consider early voting to ensure your voice is heard in the election.