Elect Morrisey Attorney General

West Virginia needs an attorney general who safeguards consumers, takes a leadership role in protecting our state against heavy-handed federal action and represents state agencies well in court matters. We need an attorney general who, when successful in lawsuits, hands the money over to the state treasury instead of using it for his own re-election efforts and to pay fat fees to lawyers who support him.

West Virginia needs Patrick Morrisey as our attorney general.

For too long, incumbent Attorney General Darrell McGraw has arrogantly abused his office. Attorneys who donate to his campaigns get no-bid contracts that sometimes reap millions of dollars for them. When he wins enormous settlements in consumer protection cases, he keeps the money in his office instead of paying it into the state treasury.

McGraw has refused to stand up for West Virginians who oppose President Barack Obama’s war on coal and his takeover of the health care system.

During his tenure, McGraw and those in his office have spent millions of dollars for campaign trinkets, self-promotional media campaigns, subsidies for causes he deems worthy and, again, fees to lawyers he favors.

It is long past time for voters to hand McGraw a pink slip.

Morrisey is an experienced, well-qualified attorney who has pledged to correct the abuses of McGraw’s tenure.

For example, if the attorney general’s office needs outside counsel, Morrisey will use a competitive bidding process to obtain it.

He will stop using taxpayers’ money for self-promotion, instead using the funds to benefit West Virginians.

And Morrisey will stand up for our state, battling unconstitutional edicts from Washington such as the war on coal and “Obamacare.”

The Intelligencer endorses Morrisey for attorney general, and urges voters in the Nov. 6 election to cast their ballots for him. Our state needs integrity and dedication to the best interests of West Virginians in the attorney general’s office. Morrisey will provide it where McGraw has failed so dismally for many years.