Ensure Veterans’ Group Has Facility

Wetzel Countians are among the most supportive people we know regarding veterans of military service. New Martinsville, the county seat, even has a War Memorial Building.

But it is that very facility that has caused unpleasantness between the county commission and some members of the Disabled American Veterans.

For many years the DAV had used a room in the War Memorial Building, with the understanding it was theirs as long as needed.

But DAV representatives appeared at the county commission meeting this week to complain the room has been assigned to two other organizations and, without the DAV’s knowledge, that group’s belongings were taken from the room. It appears some of them, including an American flag treasured by the DAV because of its long use, may be missing.

Commissioners were quick to apologize to the DAV representatives. “We’ll do whatever we can” to rectify the problem, Commissioner Scott Lemley assured them.

Such situations can cause lasting hard feelings. This one should not. It appears a simple failure to communicate occurred. Commissioners should – and will, we are confident – make every effort to work with the DAV.