Ensure Your Voice Is Heard in Election

In-person early voting for the Nov. 6 election has begun throughout Ohio. It will continue during business hours on weekdays, with some evening hours available, through Nov. 2.

Though the state has a system of absentee voting that allows Ohioans to obtain ballots, fill them out and mail them in, the in-person system appeals to many people. They can go to county board of election offices, obtain ballots, and cast them then and there.

Both the mail-in absentee ballot and the in-person early voting system have been boons for many Buckeye State residents who want to avoid election day crowds at polling places – or fear that when Nov. 6 arrives, some unavoidable conflict may prevent them from making their voices heard through the ballot box. Election officials like the system because it reduces the number of ballots that must be processed on election day.

Important local, state and federal offices will be filled in this election. Other questions, including some regarding taxes, also will be decided.

If you have any reason to doubt whether you can vote on Nov. 6, we urge you to make use of Ohio’s early voting system. It is an excellent improvement over how balloting was conducted for many years, and a way to ensure you make a difference in the upcoming election.