Keep Ohio School Reporting Honest

No East Ohio schools were on Ohio Auditor Dave Yost’s list of 100 statewide to be investigated for possible errors – some made intentionally – in reporting data to the state Department of Education.

Yost released a report on his probe this week, concluding that as many as one-third of schools his agency examined have “systemic problems” in reporting student attendance data.

In some cases, including the Columbus City Schools system, errors were made on purpose, in attempts to make schools appear to be doing a better job than actually was the case.

Yost’s probe also uncovered a host of other schools in which honest mistakes in reporting were made.

School officials responsible for cheating on the data should be punished severely, of course. And East Ohio school administrators should look closely at how data is submitted to the state, to ensure none of the errors identified by Yost are being made here.