Keeping Halloween Safe for the Kids

While many adults in the eastern United States were laying in food and other supplies in anticipation of power outages this week, millions of youngsters were preparing to stock up on something else: candy.

Yes, Halloween is Wednesday, come wind storms or high water. Though some communities have postponed official “trick or treat” periods, the festivities will go on as planned in much of our area.

By the hundreds, children in costume will be going door to door throughout the Ohio Valley, seeking treats at each home. Keeping them safe, as well as filling their treat bags, is up to adults.

Though some parents worry about tainted candy or other treats handed out on Halloween, motorists pose a far greater danger to the little ones.

It is likely to be raining and, during much of the trick-or-treat period, dark. That will make it difficult to spot tiny tykes, perhaps in dark costumes, running across area streets and roads.

Small children always should be accompanied on the Halloween rounds by adults or responsible older youths, of course. But many will be out alone, not paying much attention to their own safety.

So, if you’re driving this week while trick or treating is in progress, slow down and be especially attentive. Let’s ensure this Halloween is safe and enjoyable for everyone in our area.