Learn More About Bellaire Tax Issue

Bellaire public school administrators and officials have worked hard during the past two years to get the district’s finances back on an even keel. Once again during the Nov. 6 election, they will ask voters to approve higher taxes to support Bellaire schools.

Restructuring to save money has been hard on Bellaire educators – and students. Since the district’s financial woes became apparent, more than three dozen teachers have lost their jobs. Many other cutbacks have been approved to save money.

More is needed, educators say. So, after having been turned down by voters four times in two years, the district is trying again on Nov. 6.

A series of public meetings has been held to explain the situation. The last is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Bellaire High School. If you are a registered voter with questions about the tax proposal, we urge you to attend the event.