Mandel Solid On Help for Seniors

A favorite tactic of many liberal politicians is frightening older voters by claiming conservatives want to cut back on or even eliminate social safety net programs on which many senior citizens rely.

That won’t work against state Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is running for the U.S. Senate. Mandel has made it clear he does not favor changing Social Security or Medicare for the current and upcoming generations of older Americans.

During a debate last week between Mandel and his opponent, incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown, the issue came up. “I believe it is unfair to change Medicare or Social Security for my grandmother and her generation and my parents,” pledged Mandel, 35.

Mandel did note that increasing the Social Security retirement age for “folks at least my age” may be necessary to keep the program solvent.

Mandel understands some changes need to be made to keep Social Security and Medicare available in the future – but not by ambushing, in effect, older Americans. That brands him as both the compassionate and responsible choice for the Senate.