Retain McKinley As Congressman

Voters in the First Congressional District of West Virginia have every reason to be pleased with David McKinley, who serves us in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has achieved a remarkable record of leadership as a first-term congressman.

Part of McKinley’s success can be traced to his career as an engineer and small business owner in Wheeling. That has enabled him to cut through the propaganda that dominates so many issues and guide his actions based on experience and reality.

Another reason for McKinley’s success is recognition by his peers and constituents that he will stand up every time for the interests of the West Virginians he serves.

In recognition of his abilities, congressional leaders named McKinley to the critical House Committee on Energy and Commerce and two important subcommittees.

Soon after going to Washington, McKinley began introducing bills and supporting others to protect Mountain State industries, including coal and steel.

On a broader front, McKinley has worked to hold taxes down and block excess government regulations that kill jobs.

He has labored hard on behalf of farmers, manufacturing workers, veterans, education reform and senior citizens. On a key issue, he believes in real improvements in health care, not more expensive government regulations.

The News-Register endorses McKinley for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives from the First District of West Virginia. We recommend voting for him, to keep a true representative who fights for us in Congress.