Taking Advantage Of Early Voting

Even though much of the attention to the Nov. 6 election focuses quite naturally on the race for president, balloting will be important at the local and state levels, too. The futures of our communities and states, as well as the nation, are at stake.

In short, it is important that registered voters educate themselves on the candidates and issues – and make their voices heard at the polling places.

That is not always easy or even practical for many people. Work schedules and the demands of our daily lives can make it difficult to vote on Election Day.

Fortunately, West Virginians have the option of “early voting.” From Wednesday through Saturday, Nov. 3, polling places will be open in all 55 county courthouses. Registered voters can go there and cast ballots at their leisure, without worrying about Election Day schedules and/or long lines.

Courthouse polling places will be open during normal business hours on weekdays and from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. this Saturday and Nov. 3.

If you are a registered voter in West Virginia, we recommend you take advantage of early voting. It is an excellent way to ensure your voice is heard in this election – and, again, it is important for that to happen.