W.Va. Hospitality Pleases Big 12 Fans

West Virginia University has more than its football players to thank for the degree to which it impressed the nation last weekend. Fans rolled out the old gold and blue carpet for their Big 12 guests, and the effort was noticed and greatly appreciated.

One post making its rounds on social media comes from a Baylor fan who claims he decided not to bring his wife and kids to Morgantown because of the negative reports he heard about unruly, abusive fans. He now says he regrets the decision.

“I … never shook that many hands in my life. I have never received that many offers for a beer and a pepperoni roll in my life. I have never been stood up for by other opposing fans when the random drunk fan at 9 a.m. screams an obscenity,” reads a small portion of his post.

In fact, this gentleman was so impressed by Morgantown, WVU and its fans, he suggested the town look into building more hotel rooms in order to accommodate the droves of Big 12 fans who will flock to sporting events when they get word of the pleasant experience that awaits them.

On game day, the few Baylor fans who made the trek to Morgantown were greeted with cries of “Welcome to West Virginia!” instead of the verbal attacks they had been told to expect.

Congratulations to both Morgantown and WVU for pulling off such an inspiring Big 12 debut; and to the folks on the ground who reminded visitors, some wary of how they would be received, that they had reached Almost Heaven.