Winning the War Against Street Crime

Some of the troublemakers who make life miserable for law-abiding East Wheeling residents appear to have been arrested or chased out of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are plenty more where they came from.

During a neighborhood meeting last week, Wheeling Police Officer Josh Sanders noted illegal activity in East Wheeling seems to have decreased. That occurred after he arrested two people who had both illegal drugs and guns in their possession.

An East Wheeling resident agreed, commenting the neighborhood has become “normalized.”

That is great news, but it does not mean either East Wheeling residents or police can relax, as officers are well aware. Forced out of one neighborhood, the criminal element merely moves to another. It is a cycle repeated many times during the past several years in Wheeling.

Fresh tactics adopted by police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger appear to be working. Again, however, vigilance on the part of police and Wheeling residents will be a necessity if battles won in neighborhoods are to become victory in the war against street crime.