Ethanol Rule Drives Up Price of Food

Once again President Barack Obama’s single-minded support for “green” energy is going to cost Americans lots of money.

For years, critics of so-called “renewable energy” subsidies have noted federal mandates for use of ethanol in gasoline are pushing up food prices. That affects every American, including low-income families.

Federal law requires that 13.2 billion gallons of ethanol be produced this year, going up to 15 billion gallons by 2015. That requires an enormous amount of the corn from which the fuel additive is manufactured.

Nine governors have asked the Environmental Protection Agency to grant a waiver of those production requirements. The governors, along with several members of Congress, point out that higher corn prices resulting from the ethanol mandate are hurting livestock farmers and, as a result, consumers.

A prolonged drought in several farm states this year has aggravated the problem, the governors noted. No dice, the EPA responded. The ethanol requirements will stay in place.

That could send prices for some good products skyrocketing, at least temporarily. It could drive some farmers out of business and it is likely to hit the pocketbooks of millions of American families.

But Obama’s EPA doesn’t care. That comes as no surprise, given the billions of taxpayer dollars squandered in “green” subsidies and the EPA’s war on reasonable electricity prices. The higher cost of living for many is a direct result of Obama’s re-election.