Mandel Will Fight For Ohio Residents

Ohioans have a simple choice when they vote in the U.S. Senate race on Tuesday. They can choose Josh Mandel, who will fight for Ohioans, or re-elect Sen. Sherrod Brown, who has been a staunch big-government liberal.

Brown has supported President Barack Obama’s war against reasonably priced electricity by backing the White House’s efforts to slash use of coal in the United States. He has supported “Obamacare,” despite the negative impact it will have on many Buckeye State residents. And he has favored Obama’s job-killing economic policies.

Mandel understands the Brown-Obama approach simply hasn’t worked. Here in East Ohio, unemployment rates remain above the state average. In Jefferson County, the rate is a staggering 10.6 percent.

A Marine Corps veteran, Mandel understands concepts such as hard work and dedication to duty. Those very qualities are ways of life for most Ohioans.

And Mandel recognizes the value of loyalty, which means standing up for one’s constituents. He’ll do that in Washington. On Tuesday, Ohio voters should elect him to the U.S. Senate.