Planning Future Of Moundsville

Moundsville officials have been wise to enlist students from both West Virginia University and John Marshall High School in planning the future of their community.

As we have noted previously, the WVU graduate students, working with Professor Margaret Stout, are providing valuable expertise for which the city otherwise might pay a substantial sum.

But the JMHS students provide an important – critical, in fact – perspective to what is known as the Unifying Moundsville project.

Last week community leaders gathered to hear from both the WVU contingent and three JMHS students, Hayden Blazer, Hailee McClelland and Alexa Richards. The three documented both appealing facets of the community and those that, in their opinions, need improvement. In addition, they talked with community residents.

Temporary housing, such as the trailers set up in some areas of the city to accommodate workers in the gas drilling industry, was discussed by the students. Like many in Moundsville, they worry about the appearance of small colonies of trailers in some areas of Moundsville.

JMHS students involved in Unifying Moundsville are to be commended. Their views should be considered carefully, simply because they are the community’s future.