Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children

Harrison County , Ohio, authorities were horrified to learn of a ring allegedly producing child pornography in this area. Two women and a man, all from Cadiz, have been arrested.

If they are convicted, they should be sent to prison for as long as possible.

As soon as they learned children were being sexually assaulted and videotaped, Harrison County authorities acted decisively. Their effectiveness is beyond any questioning.

Still, even they must wonder how long the ring operated and how it managed to escape detection.

It is known seven children, ages 20 months to 9 years, were victimized. While their identities must be protected, more needs to be known about how they fell into the clutches of the pornographers and, again, how the crimes were kept under wraps.

Learning more about how such scum operate is vital if other children are to be protected against such terrible crimes.