Resolve Issues At Local Landfill

For years the Apex Sanitary Landfill has been a pain in the nose for some Jefferson County residents. Now it also is a pain in the pocketbook for two local government entities.

Despite promise after promise from the landfill’s management, offensive odors continue to waft from the site, people living near it have complained. Both local and state governments have intensified pressure on the landfill company to correct that.

This week, both the Jefferson County Board of Health and the JB Green Team recycling agency reported Apex has not paid them required tipping fees for waste disposed of at the landfill.

Big money is involved. JB Green Team officials alone say Apex owes them $390,000 for two months’ overdue tipping fees.

And recycling agency officials said Apex is required both by law and contract to pay the fees. On Monday, JB Green’s board of trustees agreed to take legal action against Apex over the issue.

The situation involving Apex passed the point of absurdity long ago. Again, both state and local officials have concerns about operations at the landfill. Failure to make payments to the health board and JB Green Team merely add insult to injury.

If Apex management cannot resolve the issues, it may be time for local and state officials to consider whether the company should be operating a landfill in Jefferson County.