Thwarting New Scheme by EPA

Win or lose in the election, it appears President Barack Obama wants to ensure he is victorious in his war on coal and affordable electric power.

As detailed in a story in today’s newspaper, the Environmental Protection Agency reportedly is rushing to complete new rules on air emissions from plants such as coal-fired generating stations. The goal may be to finish them by the end of this month.

In July, the EPA announced it was delaying final release of new regulations affecting coal-fired power plants. The schedule then was to have them ready for implementation by next March.

It probably was not a coincidence that the EPA’s decision came as concern over Obama’s war on coal was developing into an election issue.

Mitt Romney, who is challenging Obama for the presidency, has made it clear he thinks coal needs to be an integral part of U.S. energy policy.

Thoughtful voters who understand Obama’s idea will force electricity prices up for tens of millions of Americans agree with Romney.

Clearly, radical environmentalists in the EPA want their anti-coal agenda to be well on its way to completion even if Obama loses today. Fast-tracking the new rules would be one way of attempting that.

The agency’s scheme can be thwarted, providing Romney is elected president. That is one more reason for local residents to vote for him.