Use Common Sense While Hunting Deer

About one-third of a million people are expected to be tramping through Mountain State fields and forests during the annual firearms deer hunting season. It is virtually inevitable some of them will be hurt, perhaps killed, in accidents.

It is a tribute to the mentality of the vast majority of hunters that comparatively few accidental shootings occur during deer season. Still, if you plan to hunt deer during the next two weeks, we urge you to follow all the rules of gun safety.

Most hunting-related fatalities seem to involve other types of accidents or health problems. Already this year, a bow hunter was killed in a fall from a tree stand in Jackson County. State officials say tree-stand falls have resulted in nine life-threatening injuries this year.

If you are going hunting, then, be careful. Don’t take risks involving tree stands. Know your physical limits and don’t exceed them. Watch out for other hunters, too. Again, use your common sense – and be safe.