W.Va. Needs Federal Storm Recovery Aid

New York and New Jersey clearly took the very worst Hurricane Sandy had to hand out earlier this week. Dozens of deaths – nearly 40 in New York City alone – and massive property damage resulted from what some have called the storm of a lifetime.

Obviously, federal officials should be making coastal states hurt badly by the storm a priority for recovery assistance.

That said, many West Virginians are hurting, too. While high wind and storm surges were ravaging some coastal areas, major snowfalls were occurring in our state. Some areas reportedly received more than three feet of snow.

At last count, about 104,000 customers still were without electric power in West Virginia. Six storm-related deaths had been reported. In some counties, nearly half the roads remained closed by snow and hundreds of people were trapped in their homes.

It appears federal officials are providing assistance to West Virginia. State officials already have commended the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Good. Keep it coming, FEMA. Though West Virginia has received little attention from the national news media, some of us need help, too.