Your Ballot Is Important Today

If you have not cast a ballot in today’s general election, you may still have time to do so. In both West Virginia and Ohio, polling places will not close until 7:30 p.m.

Voter turnout for elections has plunged to truly unsettling levels during the past couple of decades. It is not uncommon for a minority of registered voters to make major decisions ranging from who will occupy important offices to how high taxes will be in the future.

The election being held today is of critical importance at the national level, of course. If you do not understand that, perhaps it is best that you avoid casting a ballot.

If you recognize the choice Americans are making today – between continuing down a path of expensive, big-government socialism and returning to the values that made our country the most prosperous on earth – you may already have voted. Good for you.

But if you’ve educated yourself on the issues and candidates in the presidential election and have not voted, shame on you. You really do have a voice in government; why aren’t you using it?

In addition to deciding whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will be our president for the next four years, voters in West Virginia and Ohio have a variety of other decisions to make. They include who will serve us in Congress and in state legislatures, as well as in local positions. Questions about local taxes also are on many ballots.

If it has been a long, hard day for you, you have our sympathies. If you just couldn’t break free from work or other responsibilities to go to the polls, we understand. But surely, now that you have a few minutes to read the newspaper, you also can muster the energy to make the trip to your voting precinct and complete what may be the most important task you will undertake today – voting. Please, take a few minutes to do just that.