Area Can’t Afford More Loss of Jobs

Unemployment in most West Virginia counties, including four in the Northern Panhandle, was up in November. Members of the state’s congressional delegation should keep that in mind as they consider President Barack Obama’s insistence that tax rates on many small businesses should be increased.

In comparison to October rates, unemployment was up during November in 29 counties, state officials revealed. Here in the Northern Panhandle, it increased in Brooke, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties. Brooke’s rate last month was 9.8 percent. Wetzel’s was 10.3 percent.

Yet Obama continues to insist that any deal to avoid sending the nation over the “fiscal cliff” must include higher taxes that would make it difficult or impossible for many small businesses to add employees. Some would be forced to lay off workers if the president’s plan is enacted.

And in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has proclaimed he is ready to approve the Obama plan.

That is simply crazy – especially since the White House also envisions giving tax breaks to the nation’s largest corporations. Thoughtful senators, including those representing West Virginia and Ohio, should say an emphatic “no” to the Obama-Reid plan.