Cherishing The Children

Events in Newtown, Conn., have reminded us in a brutal, horrifying way just how precious our children – all of them, whether related to us or not – are. The little ones are blessings to be cherished and nurtured.

Think about that during the next couple of days, please. Reflect, too, on the opportunity you have to make your compassion shine on children right here in the Ohio Valley.

Thousands of them in the Northern Panhandle and East Ohio don’t get much at Christmas because their families simply can’t afford to buy toys and new clothes. Regardless of why that is so, it has been a tradition of area residents for generations that children should not suffer from the misfortunes of adults.

So each year, dozens of charitable organizations, some created solely to help the little ones at Christmas time, collect money, toys, clothing and food to help needy children and their families. Each year, thousands of boys and girls are delighted on Christmas morning because of such campaigns.

And each year, it is a struggle to collect enough to meet the need. So it is this holiday season. Just a few days ago, one pastor told us his church, which usually plays Santa Claus to scores of children, had received no donations for the purpose.

Most of the organizations with Christmas projects to help children are in the final days of their campaigns. With Dec. 25 just a week away, time is short for them to organize delivery of the toys, clothes, food and other items they have collected.

There still is time to help, however. Some charities continue to accept donations. At this point, money to buy items not donated or to help defray costs of the Christmas initiatives would be accepted gratefully.

During the Christmas season, most of us work hard to make the holidays cheery and bright for those around us. Let us not be so preoccupied with that, so harried by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that we forget to do what our hearts tell us is imperative at Christmas.

Please, if you have not made a donation to a charity helping children, do so – right now.