Provide Funding For New School

President Barack Obama can do more than console people in Newtown, Conn., who suffered the unthinkable.

Twenty innocent children and six adults were massacred in the community’s elementary school on Friday. Already, as they struggle with their grief, residents of Newtown are wondering what to do about students who survived the attack.

It is virtually unthinkable to send them back to school in the building that holds unbearable memories for them and their community, as well as others throughout the world who mourn those killed in the attack. Plans are being made to teach the children temporarily at another site.

It is entirely likely the site of the killings will be razed, with the property used for some sort of memorial. That would be appropriate.

Obama should instruct federal agencies to devise a way Washington can provide money for a new school, to be built as quickly as possible.

That will not bring back the lost children and adults, but it would spare the community difficult decisions about the future – and it is an action we have no doubt virtually all Americans would support.