Help Police Solve Steubenville Murder

Six years ago, Joshua Schoonover, 21, was shot and killed at a home in Steubenville. In many ways, law enforcement officials are no closer to solving the crime than they were just after it occurred.

Schoonover’s family continues to mourn him and seek justice. And Steubenville police continue to investigate the murder. Police Chief William McCafferty believes someone has information that could help break the case – but has not yet come forward.

Crimes often go unpunished because those with information do not provide it to police. Their reasons range from fear of retribution to simple apathy.

Law enforcement agencies need help from the public to do their jobs. Communities where they get it are safer. Fear often dominates towns where cooperation is lacking.

Anyone with any information that may help solve the Schoonover murder should contact Steubenville police. Getting the killer off the street would solve that crime – and make the community safer.