Keeping Children Safe in Steubenville

Receiving comparatively little notice amid attention paid to the case of two Steubenville teenagers accused of raping a girl was a case of abuse involving three small children.

But last week, justice was done in the case. The children’s father and stepmother pleaded guilty to child endangerment and unlawful restraint. Two uncles who participated in the crimes pleaded guilty to unlawful restraint.

As we reported, the children, ages 5, 6 and 8, were punished by being squeezed into small plastic storage boxes, sealed with duct tape. Only small holes were cut into the boxes to allow them to breathe. Water may have been poured through the holes.

Even worse, a prosecutor said other abuse had occurred in the home. It included weights dropped on the children’s feet.

Had a family friend not gone to the home, freed the children and called police, the abuse might have continued. Fortunately, the children are now living with other relatives.

Authorities in Steubenville and Jefferson County take child abuse of any kind very seriously. Sometimes it is good to be reminded of their successes.