Getting Involved To Catch a Killer

After Steubenville authorities arrested a 16-year-old boy accused of shooting two men to death on a city street, police Chief William McCafferty made it a point to note that, “We were able to solve this with cooperation from citizens.”

In other words, instead of merely bemoaning violence in Steubenville, someone got involved and did something about it.

Good. Of course, the teenager accused in the murders is innocent until and unless proven guilty. But if that happens, it seems certain a large amount of credit will belong to people who aided police in their investigation.

Law enforcement officials frequently point out they cannot do their jobs without help from the public. The case last week is proof that in some situations, such assistance can be decisive.

Those who helped police may wish to remain anonymous. But they did something very good for their community, and deserve to be commended for getting involved.