Lending a Hand To Rescue a Child

Here in the tri-state area, West Virginians, Ohioans and Pennsylvanians have much in common. Perhaps the most important thing in life to all of us is children. We want only the best for them.

So when those of us in one of the three states need assistance to help a child, we know it will be forthcoming. So it was last week when a 2-year-old girl was kidnapped in northern West Virginia.

The culprit fled north into Washington County, Pa. But there, police already were on the lookout for him. He abandoned one vehicle and stole another, but could not shake the determined pursuit by Pennsylvania law enforcement officers.

They caught him and quickly determined he had left the girl at a home in Richeyville, Pa. She was rescued and returned home.

This isn’t the first time police in the three states have cooperated to help a child. But once again, it calls for commendation for the Pennsylvania officers involved. Their tenacity and skill may well have prevented a tragedy.

So thanks, neighbors, for lending a hand.