Volunteers Can Help Communities

At one time, many recreational facilities in communities throughout the Ohio Valley were maintained and operated largely by volunteers. Municipal governments simply could not afford to staff some parks, pools, sports fields, etc., even if they could afford to build them.

Steubenville may be getting back to that type of system.

Tight finances have forced Steubenville City Council to lay off some employees once used at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Operating hours at the facility have had to be reduced.

But city officials have been meeting with representatives of Steubenville Community Inc. to discuss use of volunteers at the center. City Manager Cathy Davison said SCI has “a very detailed plan” and it’s hoped the organization’s offer can be taken advantage of to keep the center open.

Good for all involved in attempting to get volunteers involved. That is something officials in other fiscally challenged communities throughout our area should be considering, too, to avoid loss of public services that could be kept in operation by volunteers.