Court Should OK Mingo Junction Plan

Mingo Junction officials have their backs against a wall. A perfect storm of fiscal trouble has descended on the village.

As we have detailed for several months, Mingo Junction officials are coping with a revenue base out of which the bottom has dropped during the past year or so. They had a tough time keeping the municipal budget balanced before that – but now, the task seems nearly insurmountable.

Spending has been slashed, yet a mountain of financial woes still face the village.

Now, Mingo Junction officials have decided they have no choice but to take action that, just a few years ago, seemed unthinkable.

Village Council members agreed last week to ask Jefferson County Common Pleas Court for permission to use $363,000 that had been set aside in a fund to benefit the community complex. When set up, the fund was intended to be used solely for recreational and other purposes at the complex.

It was earmarked in a way that, for the money to be transferred to the village’s general fund, court permission will have to be obtained.

Clearly, Mingo Junction officials have no choice. They should be given permission to use the money to keep the village afloat.