Throw the Book At Home Invaders

We cannot imagine the fear most people would experience if, upon waking in the middle of the night, they believed intruders were in their homes. It seems to be happening more frequently in our area, perhaps because of the increase in drug abuse.

It happened to an elderly Moundsville man last Wednesday night. He heard someone in his home and called a nephew who, upon arriving, found the home had been burgled.

Police have various technical terms for such offenses. Most people would call them home invasion. Again, it seems to be occurring with greater frequency in communities throughout our area.

Police have had some success in apprehending suspects in home invasions. Let’s hope the culprit(s) in Moundsville are found and arrested quickly.

Once they are, the proverbial book should be thrown at them. That should be the practice in every such crime. Those responsible should be sent to prison for the longest terms possible under the law.

If the rash of local home invasions continues, it will be only a matter of time until someone is injured or killed in a confrontation.