Don’t Delay Updating Ohio Election Laws

Ohio was viewed as a key state in last year’s presidential election. And, though there were dire warnings of problems from both Democrats and Republicans, voting went very smoothly in the Buckeye State.

Secretary of State Jon Husted and his office, along with county election workers throughout Ohio, deserve enormous credit for that.

But as Husted points out, election laws need to be scrutinized and updated frequently, especially in light of advances in technology. One change he wants to make is to allow online registration of voters. The redistricting process also needs to be improved and made less susceptible to partisan politics.

Husted wants changes in election law made soon, and he has good reasons for that. Getting improvements in place expeditiously will allow local election boards to adjust – and will avoid some of the controversy that can come from accusations of change for partisan advantage. Husted is right. Legislators should address election law this year.