Letting Chips Fall Wherever They May

Here in the Ohio Valley, many of us seem to disagree with quite a few other people in our concept of justice. We believe a person accused of serious criminal charges is innocent until proven guilty.

Not everyone – at least to judge by demands on “social media” Internet sites – agrees. Thousands have signed an online petition demanding Steubenville High School football Coach Reno Saccoccia be fired by the board of education.

Saccoccia and others have been accused of knowing about the rape of a girl by two Steubenville High football players, and not reporting the crime.

Last week, law enforcement agents raided some school facilities in a search for evidence in the case.

This week, a special grand jury will begin investigating the situation.

Of course, anyone who attempted to cover up the rape should be prosecuted and, if found guilty, fired from any public job. That should go without saying.

But vigilantism, whether in person or online, is not justice. That will be up to the grand jury, which will let the chips fall wherever they may.