Museum Volunteers Merit High Praise

Throughout the Ohio Valley, small community museums offer looks at life in earlier times, as well as unique information and artifacts from the Northern Panhandle and East Ohio. They may not be branches of the Smithsonian but, in many ways, they are more important to local residents.

In Brooke County, the County Museum and Cultural Center has a new home at 704 Charles St., Wellsburg. A ribbon-cutting and open house are scheduled there from 10 a.m. until noon Saturday. Events that day will focus on the history of the glass industry.

Though volunteers who operate the museum are energetic, creative and dedicated, there was some question for a time concerning the museum’s future. That was eliminated when the state Division of Culture and History provided a $90,000 grant for purchase of the old G.C. Murphy building, now home to the museum. State officials are to be commended for providing the money.

But the highest praise should be reserved for museum curator Ruby Greathouse and the many other volunteers who created the museum and now keep it open to the public. Their efforts provide a window into the past that would have been closed but for their dedication.