Creating Miracles Typical in Our Valley

In many ways the new Miracle League Baseball Field in Wheeling is a dream come true. People who do not understand the Ohio Valley might well decide the facility’s existence is a miracle.

They would be wrong.

About five years ago, Lorraine McCardle of Wheeling launched a campaign to construct a Miracle League field here. She was inspired by similar facilities elsewhere.

Miracle League fields are specially constructed to allow children with special needs to enjoy the great American pastime. A key feature is the field’s special surface.

Initially, it was expected construction of the field, at the J.B. Chambers Youth Sports Complex in Elm Grove, would cost about $500,000. That ballooned to about $1 million. In some communities, that would be considered an impossible fundraising task.

But as we have noted in the past, Ohio Valley residents need only know a cause is good to dig deep into their pockets to make it a reality. Knowing money is being raised for children makes a campaign irresistible.

More than 5,000 people, organizations and companies made contributions to the local Miracle League field. There never was any real doubt that enough money would be raised to build it.

It opened Saturday.

That’s just how we do things here. It is standard operating procedure in the Ohio Valley – and that itself is something of a miracle.