Enforce New Cell Phone Ban Strictly

What on earth was the motorist driving past an accident scene involving a Wheeling police cruiser thinking on Tuesday?

Answer: She wasn’t.

Associate City Editor Heather Ziegler was at the scene, where a cruiser responding to an emergency crashed because of another driver who didn’t heed the car’s siren and flashing lights.

Ziegler’s questioning of Deputy Police Chief Martin Kimball was interrupted briefly when he spotted a motorist, driving past the accident scene while using a cellular telephone. “Put down your phone,” Kimball shouted at her.

Distracted driving, often the result of cell phone use without hands-free devices, is dangerous. It can cause accidents.

On July 1, a new state law making it a primary offense for motorists to use cell phones without hands-free devices goes into effect in West Virginia. Many law enforcement officers are eager to enforce it strictly.

Clearly, they should.