Putting a Stop To the Barbarity

The word “vicious” has a whole new meaning.

On Thursday afternoon, three thugs burst into a home in Mingo Junction, demanding cash. They claimed a man at the home owed them money.

When they didn’t get what they wanted, they shot the man in the knee.

They beat a woman and a 13-year-old girl.

They pistol-whipped a 2-year-old child, police said. She had to be rushed to a hospital in Pittsburgh.

Violent crime has become a part of life in some areas of East Ohio, especially Steubenville. Think about that: Shooting incidents, even murder, are normal.

But attacking a 2-year-old child – a baby, for God’s sake? Has it come to that?

It doesn’t matter what caused this crime. More than likely, there is some link to drug abuse.

Whatever the cause of such barbarity, it has to stop. When those responsible for the Thursday attack are caught – and no one should even think of shielding them – they ought to be dealt with as brutally as the law allows.

But the so-called criminal element itself needs to re-examine the state of affairs in East Ohio. Shooting grown men is bad enough. Severely beating a baby is something else entirely.

Such truly monstrous behavior cannot be tolerated – by anyone.