Reveal More About Davison Departure

During her first three years as Steubenville city manager, Cathy Davison and members of City Council appeared to get along well. There were disagreements and controversies, such as those over a Facebook page for the city and an error that required a special election to be held to deal with the city income tax.

But during most of the time, Davison was spoken of highly by several council members. Last August, council approved a new three-year contract for her.

By Wednesday she was gone from the city manager’s position. During a meeting Tuesday night, council accepted her resignation. “After months of trying to move the city forward, it has become apparent that City Council and I do not have the same vision for the city of Steubenville,” Davison said in a prepared statement. City Law Director S. Gary Repella insisted Davison “was never given an ultimatum. … both sides stepped back and thought about what had transpired, which led us to this point.”

What, exactly, did transpire? Clearly, relations between Davison and a majority of council members have deteriorated. But what disagreements caused the split? And what was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back?

In such situations, both sides often want to simply walk away and not dwell on the past. But this is a matter involving Steubenville’s future. If only in generalities, council members should discuss their differences with Davison – and what, exactly, they are looking for in a replacement for her.