Stuart Bloch Gift Has Lasting Benefit

Often, those who raise money for worthy causes are frustrated that philanthropists demand something new – a building, perhaps – for their donations. They want striking evidence they have made something happen that would not have been possible otherwise.

Happily, that is not the case with Wheeling businessman Stuart F. Bloch. For many years, the Bloch family has supported a variety of worthy causes. This week, it was announced Bloch has provided a substantial gift to endow a fund to make annual improvements to the golf course at Wheeling Park.

More than many people, Bloch understands the benefits of golf for both young and old. He has served as president of both the West Virginia Golf Association and the United States Golf Association. He is well aware of the cost of maintaining a golf course.

For many years, then, Bloch’s generous gift will continue to do good for local residents. His thoughtfulness in that regard deserves praise.