Teach Youngsters Limits of Privacy

It is highly unlikely the eighth-grade girl recently charged with a misdemeanor in Jefferson County would ever stand up in her class at school and disrobe. Yet, in a way, she did something very similar, according to Steubenville police.

Police have charged the girl and three teenage boys with the misdemeanor offense of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile. If they complete a formal “mediation” process successfully, that may be the end of it. If not, they may have to face a judge on the charges.

Police say the girl used her cell phone to send “inappropriate” pictures of herself to her boyfriend. He sent them to another boy, who forwarded them again.

It is not an unfamiliar story: Girl meets boy, boy wins girl’s trust – and bad things happen when the boy proves untrustworthy.

Let’s hope everything works out for the best for the four youngsters involved in the case. But it is not the first of its kind in our area. Far from it.

For some reason, many young people do not seem to understand that once an electronic device comes into the picture, privacy is gone. Clearly, more needs to be done to get that message across.